The story about our company

A team of engineers developed the first juice extractor in this building in 1952. They patented a centrifugal juicer with automatic pulp ejection and launched it on international markets. Urs Pfluger is one of the very few who have helped define the development of centrifugal juicers from the start. And he has been playing a role in their development for 60 years.
Initial success generates huge interest in the highly attractive juice press the world over. The first licensing agreements are concluded during this period. Juice presses with special designs are created and produced for world-famous brands.
The sales network covers over 61 countries and 38% of sales are exports. Over one million juice presses are sold on world markets. The company’s slogan at the time is “Progress is our most important product”. A new patented development is a feeder chute system to hold down the feeder sieve without any screws required.
Urs Pfluger, CEO of Thielmann-Rotel Know-how AG supervises the development of the juicers and launches them on world markets. He provides solid foundations for consistently developing and improving production of his own range of juicers.
In the 1990s Thielmann-Rotel Know-how AG carries out projects with various plants across the world and implements whole manufacturing plans, as well as production and assembly lines. Tools are provided for the plants in the UK, Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Russia.
Over the last 14 years, new, modern and safe JUICE MASTER juicers have been launched. And a new patent is registered for the feeder chute’s lid that holds down the basket sieve. The juicer’s sales network is spread all over the world.

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The story about our products

The first self-ejecting centrifugal juicer is developed and patented.
The world premiere of a new invention called “Rotel Vital”. A new patented development is a feeder chute to hold down the basket sieve without any screws required.
VITALMASTER model 42.1 is launched as the first modern juice press. It includes a fast air-cooled multipurpose motor that runs at a constant 6,000 RPM and a hard-wearing, stainless steel basket sieve with 6 reinforcing ridges. As a result, the juicer squeezes out a maximum of juice without wasting any vitamins and enzymes. This model is sold across the world under many brand names, for example Jay Kordich. He’s known to millions of TV viewers in the US as “The Juiceman” and has impressed customers with the quality and performance of the juice press.
The JUICEMASTER model 42.2 is launched and is even more modern, safe and easy to operate. To extract more juice, the air-cooled multipurpose motor is modified to run at a constant 6,300 RPM. To prevent oxidation, a brushed stainless steel AISI 304 body is made. Automatic pulp ejection, a turbo switch and a patented lid prevent blockages from the pulp. To improve safety, the motor only runs when the safety lock handle is applied.
JUICEMASTER PROFESSIONAL model 42.6. is launched. New features include a large feeder chute, 7.5 cm in diameter, to squeeze whole fruit or pieces of vegetable. A new patent is registered for the feeder chute that holds down the basket sieve without requiring any screws.
The JUICEMASTER PROFESSIONAL model 42.8 is launched. A specially shaped lid keeps the pulp container and hood firmly in place and prevents blockages from pulp.

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